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From 0-Level to Video Support in Any Language

No matter what channels you choose to help your clients, you bring your English support team and we’ll help you interface with international clients and prospects in whatever their language is. Read on to see all the different ways you can get to lower risk, expense and effort .

omnichannel contact center

Zero Level Customer Support

Zero level customer support comes into play before any one-on-one interaction with your international buyers and users, when a customer is just starting to consider how a problem or concern could be resolved. 

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Knowledge bases. If you provide your customers with a detailed, vast, searchable knowledge base to deflect many of their concerns, we can turn it into any language in a parallel structure right within your English website content.

Downloads and manuals. These help customers help themselves generally providing a much more detailed account of the product, services, and troubleshooting options.  We provide everything from translation to making  them look exactly the same as the source documents through our Desktop Publishing service.

eLearning Localization

Your Course Text, Quizzes and Audio in Any Language

Platform Agnostic

Whatever your Learning Management System Software of choice is, we can natively convert all that content into any language. 

More companies are now using LMS to provide training to customers. This is especially common for software and technology companies who need to effectively onboard users so they can use their product effectively. Ongoing customer training will also provide more value to customers and prevent customer churn. 

Extending your customer training courses to clients overseas will greatly lower your CS costs.


Video Tutorials

video tutorials

We feature everything you need to make your video tutorials look and soung amazing in ANY language.


Over the years, we’ve perfected the art of subtitle localization. Whether you need “Closed” captions (not visible until the viewer activates them) or Open” captions embedded right into the video, we’ll provide quality subtitles that are extremely cost-effective way to produce your video into 2 or 20 languages.

Voice Over

We’ve been providing professional voices in any language to the likes of Oracle, Volvo, T-Mobile, Microsoft, VISA for over 15 years. And we’ve done it at a cost that rivals freelance online voices while guaranteeing unparalleled service and quality.

Ticketing System

We become a seamless international interface between your clients and your Customer Support Ticketing system. We stay invisible to your customers and all they see is your agents’ response to their requests in their own language.

We use a combination of the latest AI machine translation and our professional translators for faster turnarounds that respect your SLA’s and lower translation costs.


Phone or Video Interpretation

Available 24/7 in Any Language


Drastically cut your international support cost by using our Over the Phone Interpretation platform. Or even better, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) helps people Interact more personally than traditional Over The Phone interpreting.

On Demand OPI (over the Phone Interpreting) from HelpDesk.Earth allows users to connect to a qualified professional interpreter within seconds. It costs significantly less than having to train a whole new foreign call center while lowering the associated risks.

HelpDesk.Earth provides a next generation cloud based, audio technology connected to and professional language services that we need to offer the best on-demand language support available today. 


Connect Qualified interpreters in seconds with cloud audio streaming. No internet required, calls can be forwarded to existing land-lines or, go next gen and take your call streaming to your smart device.



Stunning Video quality across every device. Robust, bandwidth-adaptive 1080p 30FPS gives you unprecedented access to an interpreter in any situation.